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How to contribute to Page Type Builder

In terms of lines of code Page Type Builder is a fairly small project and it is intended to stay that way. The most important type of contribution that you can make is therefor often feedback and bug reports. However, if you want to actively contribute to the project you can fork the main repository on GitHub and create a pull request.

Please note that your contribution is much more likely to be accepted if:

  • You have described the feature you have added, including use cases (ie what problem it solves)
  • You have covered the code with well written and relevant tests and/or executable specifications (the latter being more important).
  • Your contribution respects the principle that all validation/error handling for the synchronization process should occur at the very beginning.
  • Your contribution respects the principle that Page Type Builder should help and guide developers to avoid mistakes, usually by validating things at start up.

To check if there is anything special that needs to be developed please contact Joel Abrahamsson or ask in the forum.

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