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After upgrading to PTB 2.0, starting site takes a really long time


I'm working on a site with too many page types (109) and a lot of pages (100 000+), using EPiServer CMS 6 R2. After upgrading to PTB 2.0, it takes about 15 minutes to start the site, most of this time is consumed by PTB updating the page types in the database.
At the moment we've solved this by setting <pageTypeBuilder disablePageTypeUpdation="false" /> except when we actually change any page types, but it would be nice to have a quicker startup also when we need to do these changes.
Is this a problem anyone has come across? Is it something we can do to speed up the process?
A colleague of mine said he had some luck doing the following hack: He made sure no properties in any pagetype had the same SortOrder. If any pagetype's properties had the same SortOrder, the update took noticeably longer.
Does this make sense?
It would take a long time to manually set all the SortOrder values of all properties of all 109 pagetypes to different integers, so I hope we can find another solution.


bjarteao wrote Apr 16, 2012 at 9:28 AM

I e-mailed Joel directly, and this was his reply:


This is a known issue that actually has more to do with EPiServer than PTB. In R2 they changed page type handling to automatically reassign the sort order for properties when multiple properties have the same sort order.

There's not much PTB can do to alleviate this except log when it finds such properties. See this post , especially the subtitle "Some logging to debug slow start up".

In other words, what I would do would be to either:
A) Ensure all properties have unique sort order by checking the log for properties that don't and updating them.
B) Remove the sort order setting for properties. In PTB 2.0 these are controllable from admin mode unless there's a value set in code.

Hope that helps.


So, not really an issue with PTB, rather with CMS6.

Our solution was to change the sort order value of a few properties that a lot of our pagetypes had. The startup speed increased significantly, so you don't have to have every single sort order unique, just as many as possible (or you can be bothered to change, it's laboursome work).

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