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PageTypeProperty Group EditCaption needs a space


This is a VERY minor issue, for the record. :)
Using PTB 1.9.3... If I have a PageTypeProperty group like the following:
public class HomepageRegion : PageTypePropertyGroup
    [PageTypeProperty(UniqueValuePerLanguage = true, EditCaption = "Link", Type = typeof(PropertySimpleLinkItem), Required = true)]
    public virtual string RegionLink { get; set; }
... which I call in a PageType like the following:
    [PageTypePropertyGroup(Tab = typeof(LeftRegion), EditCaptionPrefix="Left Region")]
    public virtual HomepageRegion RegionLeft { get; set; }
The Label that shows up on the page will appear as "Left RegionLink" instead of "Left Region Link", which is the expected behavior. I believe the EditCaptionPrefix has to have a space after it when it is rendered on the page.
I can get around this by setting the EditCaption value in the PageTypePropertyGroup PageTypeProperty to have a space in front of it...but I don't think this is the intended solution.
See attached screenshot for example of this happening in Edit Mode.

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